It’s Halftime!

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

We are close to the halfway point of the school year. Now is the time to find out how your child is doing and what support they need to pass this year and start the next school year strong. It is important to keep asking questions throughout the school year about your child’s educational learning so that you are not caught off guard. Even though we hope our child is getting the best education possible, it is our role as parents to make sure the school knows we have the best interest in our children. By asking the right questions, we can help our children before it becomes too late. So listed below are some questions to ask your child’s teachers now as the second quarter concludes.

What is my child’s current reading level?

By knowing your child’s reading level, you can help them with selecting the right books to help them build upon their vocabulary, comprehension skills, and reading fluency. Whatever the reading level is, ask the teacher what suggestions they have to help your child become on reading level at the beginning of the next grade level. Hint: Once you found out about their current reading level find books at the library or a local book store that is on that reading level and the next reading level to challenge them.

What reading genre (e.g., fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, etc.) should my child be reading more on?

Every book is not the same and the more versatile in reading your children are, the more prepare they will be. Find out from the teacher what genre of books they are focusing on for the next quarter and get books from the local library to help your children become familiar with it. While not every child may like all the different genres of reading, they need to become familiar with it when important assessments (e.g., state assessments) comes up.

What is my child’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to math?

When we know what are children are struggling in math, then we can find resources and people to help them before it is too late. Find out what your child struggles with in math and see if there are any resources available to help you and your child succeed.

How my child’s writing, oral skills is, and what can I do to improve it?

Writing and oral skills are critical in our children’s learning. It is essential to ask our teachers how our well they are explaining themselves orally and in script. Therefore, ask questions about their writing and orally techniques. Ask how they are doing explaining themselves on paper or with peers, and what we can do to improve upon them.

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